Will a DUI Result in Points on My License in Georgia?

Georgia uses a point system to track and penalize drivers who have multiple driving violations. As a driver accumulates points on his or her driving record, he or she becomes subject to penalties. For example, a driver may have several minor driving violations on his or her record that may not seem very serious when viewed individually. When viewed in the aggregate, however, it may become clear that the driver poses a serious threat to other drivers. A DUI conviction is a serious driving offense, so it makes sense to expect such a crime to result in points on one’s license. As we explain below, however, this isn’t the case. 

Points and License Suspension

If you accumulate enough points on your license in Georgia, your license will be suspended. In making a suspension determination, Georgia reviews the previous 24 months of a driver’s record. A driver who has accumulated 15 or more points in that period may have his or her license suspended. For drivers who are 21 years old and younger, only four points are necessary for a license suspension. A driver who has a license suspended due to a points violation will have his or her driving privileges revoked and will be forced to pay a fine.

The more serious the traffic incident, the more points a driver accrues. Reckless driving, unlawfully passing a school bus, and driving more than 34 mph over the speed limit all carry the highest amount of points. If a driver engages in a serious violation, his or her license will be automatically suspended. One such violation is driving under the influence. 

DUI and Georgia’s Point System 

As noted above, a DUI does not result in the accumulation of points on one’s license. However, even though no points are assessed for a DUI, the consequences can still be quite serious. For a first-time DUI, a driver can lose his or her license for up to a year. After six months, a driver may be able to have his or her license reinstated if he or she:

  • already has had his or her license suspended for 120 days,
  • completes a DUI alcohol risk reduction program, and
  • pays a fine.

However, this reinstatement isn’t for joy riding. Rather, it only allows a driver to drive to and from work, school, medical appointments, and treatment programs. In other words, a DUI conviction is no laughing matter. Therefore, if you’re facing a DUI charge in Georgia, you should seek legal assistance as soon as possible. 

Contact a Georgia criminal defense attorney 

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