When to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer in Georgia

If you’re facing a child custody issue in Georgia, you probably have lots of questions. A common decision faced by parents in Georgia is whether to hire a child custody lawyer to assist with legal issues involving child custody. Although many people would prefer to work things out without an attorney, most child custody issues require the assistance of an attorney to ensure that the parent/child relationship is protected. Below is an overview of when to hire a child custody lawyer in Georgia

When should you hire a child custody lawyer?

Your Ex Has a Lawyer

If your ex has hired an attorney, you will be at a disadvantage in your child custody case if you don’t do the same. The legal system is far too complicated to try to navigate on your own, particularly if your ex has legal representation. If you don’t hire an attorney, your ex will have the upper hand in your Georgia child custody case. 

Your Case Is Complicated

Even relatively “simple” child custody cases can quickly become complicated depending on the circumstances. If your Georgia child custody case begins to increase in complexity, you need to hire a Georgia child custody lawyer. 

Your Child Is in Danger 

If your child is in danger, you should immediately alert the authorities. Next, in order to ensure that your child remains safe, you should contact a Georgia child custody attorney to discuss your situation. When you believe your child is at risk, a Georgia child custody attorney can initiate legal action to ensure that he or she is protected from harm. 

Your Ex Wants to Keep Your Child From You 

If your ex is attempting to keep you from seeing your child, you should contact a Georgia child custody attorney. Typical signs of this include frequent last-minute visitation cancellations and total denials of contact. When your ex refuses to allow you to see your child, this is probably a violation of your parenting plan, and the court should be made aware of this behavior immediately.

You Circumstances Have Changed

Finally, if the circumstances in your situation have changed significantly since your divorce, you should hire an attorney to review your case. Significant changes include relocation, remarriage, and cohabitation with a new spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend. All of these changes require legal review by an experienced Georgia child custody attorney. 

Contact an Experienced Georgia Child Custody Attorney Today 

If you are dealing with a child custody issue in Georgia, you need an experienced Georgia child custody attorney on your side. At Carter/Pilgrim, our experienced child custody attorney will guide you through the child custody process and work diligently to protect your relationship with your child. Attorney Amy Carter has the knowledge and experience necessary to obtain the results you desire in your Georgia child custody case. Please contact us today for a consultation. 

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