What NOT to Do When Stopped by the Police in Georgia

Let’s face it—getting stopped by the police is never a pleasant experience. Fear, anxiousness, confusion, and anger are common emotions experienced by drivers during traffic stops. However, if you’re stopped by the police, you can’t allow your emotions to get the better of you—this can only make things worse. In order to avoid incriminating yourself, receiving additional criminal charges, or creating a situation that may be dangerous for you, the officer, and others, you should have a solid grasp of how to conduct yourself during a traffic stop. Below is an overview of some behaviors to avoid when stopped by the police in Georgia. For additional information, please contact a Georgia criminal defense attorney

Never Run

Although this should be obvious, it’s worth pointing out anyway: never try to outrun the police. Involving yourself in a police chase is simply never a good idea. For one, the officer trying to pull you over probably already has your license plate number, so you’ll be found sooner or later. And even if you’ve been drinking, fighting a DUI charge is far easier than fighting the charges you’re likely to face for engaging in a high-speed chase with a police officer. 

Don’t Argue

When you’re stopped by the police, always remain cooperative and polite. Arguing with the police has never worked out well for anyone. In fact, being rude and combative can only escalate things and make your situation worse. 

Don’t Reach for Anything

When pulled over by the police, always keep your hands visible. Only reach for your wallet, registration, or other documentation when requested to do so by the officer. This protects you and the officer. 

Don’t Get Out of the Car

In addition to not reaching for anything unless requested to do so, don’t exit your vehicle unless the officer tells you to. Again, this is for your and the officer’s safety. If you quickly exit your vehicle upon being stopped, the officer may think you’re attempting to flee. In addition, you risk being hit by oncoming traffic. 

Don’t Block Traffic

Finally, although being pulled over can be nerve-wracking, do your best to choose a sensible place to pull over. If you pull over on a curb or in a dangerous spot, you’re only going to irritate the police officer and possibly endanger yourself.  

Contact a Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney 

If you’re facing criminal charges in Georgia, you need an experienced Georgia criminal defense attorney on your side. At Carter Pilgrim, our knowledgeable Georgia criminal defense attorneys will review your case and determine the best legal strategy for your unique situation. We have a strong reputation in Georgia for being aggressive litigators and sharp negotiators. Therefore, if you’re facing criminal charges in Georgia, please contact us as soon as possible to schedule an initial consultation. 

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