The Impact of a DUI on Your Life

Will a DUI conviction be visible to my employers?

Being convicted of a DUI could result in jail time, costly court fees, and loss of your driver’s license for potentially several months or longer.  In addition to these penalties that most of us recognize, some people charged with a DUI overlook the other collateral penalties that will accompany a DUI conviction.  A DUI conviction in the state of Georgia can become part of your permanent criminal record. This means that even years from now, that DUI conviction could continue to impact your life and livelihood.  Given the serious and ongoing nature of DUI penalties, it is critical that you fight the charge you face with the help of an effective Atlanta DUI defense lawyer.

Exploring the Long Term Consequences of a DUI Conviction

DUI convictions can affect your life far beyond the initial jail time.  A DUI conviction can cost you in the following ways:

  • Your job:  If you are currently employed, you may be at risk of losing this position due to a DUI.  You will likely need to miss considerable time from work in dealing with the DUI, including time attending court hearings, time in jail, and community service hours.  Not all employers will be empathetic to these missed work hours and you may find yourself terminated. Further, if your position requires a professional license, like a commercial driver’s license, you could lose your license and your job as a result of the DUI conviction.
  • Future jobs:  When you find yourself on the job market, you may find your DUI conviction to be a serious problem.  Your DUI will be visible to any employer who runs a background check. A felony or misdemeanor record could have employers passing you over for other qualified employees.   In certain fields, having a DUI on your record is a liability issue that employers simply will not take on.
  • Scholarships: Many colleges and universities require that you disclose any criminal convictions. Students on scholarships could lose these funds, as many scholarships require a clean criminal record.

These are just a few of the ways in which a DUI conviction could impact your life far beyond the initial penalties and time in jail. Given the severity of this charge, anyone who has been charged with a DUI should take action to protect their legal rights.

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