Should I Talk to the Police in Georgia?

People often mistakenly believe that speaking with the police after an arrest can help them. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Following an arrest in Georgia, you should always keep quiet. To put it simply, talking to the police about the crime with which you’ve been accused can do nothing but hurt you. Below are some reasons you shouldn’t talk to the police in Georgia. For additional information, please contact a Georgia criminal defense attorney.

Why It’s Best to Keep Quiet

Talking to the police can’t help you. Even if you tell the police the truth, nothing you say to them can help you. Information you give the police can only be used against you. Remember, no one has ever talked his or her way out of an arrest. 

Whether you’re innocent or guilty, there is no reason to discuss your case with the police. If you are guilty, you may later plead guilty if you choose to do so. If you choose to not plead guilty, however, prosecutors must prove their case against you. By confessing right away, you severely limit your options down the road. In addition, even if you think you’re guilty, you may be wrong!

You may inadvertently give the police incorrect information. Being placed under arrest is stressful, and people often misspeak during stressful situations. Therefore, even if it is unintentional, you may accidentally say something false to the police during or after your arrest that can later be used to attack your credibility. 

The police may incorrectly remember what you tell them. If you speak to the police, there is a good chance that they will later be called upon to recall what you told them. This can happen months or even years down the line. Unless the police write down or record every word you say, there is a good chance that they’ll get some of it wrong later. This can only hurt you. 

The police have no authority to grant you leniency. Although they may insinuate otherwise, police don’t have the authority to make deals or grant you leniency in exchange for speaking to them. 

It’s difficult to tell the exact same story twice. If you tell the police one thing and then repeat your story in court, some of the details are certain to be different. This can happen even if you’re telling the truth, and when it happens, the prosecutor will certainly use it against you. 

Contact a Georgia criminal defense attorney  

If you’ve been arrested in Georgia, you need to contact an experienced Georgia criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. At Carter Pilgrim, our talented Georgia criminal defense attorneys will analyze the facts of your case and determine the best legal strategy for your situation. We have a strong reputation in Georgia for successfully defending clients in the courtroom and obtaining favorable plea bargains and dismissals. Therefore, if you’re facing criminal charges in Georgia, please contact us to schedule an initial consultation.  

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