Selecting a DUI Attorney

What should I look for when choosing a DUI defense lawyer?

Each year, over 1.5 million people will be arrested for driving while intoxicated. A DUI conviction in Georgia could result in tremendous fines, jail time, loss of your license, and a permanent criminal record. Given the harsh consequences of a DUI, it is critical that you retain the assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest. With so many attorneys licensed in the state, selecting the right criminal defense attorney can prove challenging. By following the steps listed below, you can find a DUI defense lawyer who will skillfully represent you against your serious criminal charges.

  1. Create a list of potential DUI attorneys: You will want to start by creating a list of potential DUI attorneys in your area. There are numerous ways to find a lawyer, starting with personal recommendations. Ask your friends and family members who they have used before. Alternatively, take to the web in your search. The internet is a powerful search tool that helps you to find attorneys based on practice areas and reviews.
  2. Research the firms: Once you have narrowed down the field, take the time to research your potential law firms. Examine the attorney’s webpages to look for accolades and previous client testimonies. Find out how long the attorney has been in practice and what areas they focus on.
  3. Interview your candidates: Take the time to sit down or speak on the phone with a few potential attorneys. Ask the attorney all the questions you have about their practice and what actions they will take to resolve your case. Probe the attorney’s specific experience in the area of DUI defense. Ask what percentage of their caseload involves DUIs and how often they bring a DUI case to trial.
  4. Consider the fees: You should inquire about attorney’s fees early on. While it may be tempting to go with the cheapest firm, typically attorney’s fees are proportionate with experience. As such, you will want to weigh the attorneys rate with their level of experience and your overall feelings of confidence with the firm. Defending yourself against a DUI will come at a cost, but it could change your entire future.

Start your search for a DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible. The quicker your attorney can initiate investigations, the stronger your defense may be.

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