Seeking a Hardship License in Georgia

Will my license be suspended after my DUI arrest?

Most of us rely on our vehicles to transport us to work, school, grocery shopping, and other daily activities.  If your Georgia license has been suspended due to a DUI, it may leave you struggling to maintain your job and simply get around.  The good news for those who lose their license is that you may be able to obtain a limited driving permit or hardship license. With this permit, you can continue to drive to limited places, like your job or school.  Our Atlanta DUI lawyers discuss how you can apply for a hardship license below.

License Suspension After Your DUI Arrest

In the State of Georgia, your driver’s license can be suspended both after your DUI arrest and after you are convicted of a DUI. If you refuse to take a breath or blood test, or if you take the test and register at over the legal limit, your license will face an administrative suspension.  You have just 30 days from the date of your arrest to seek an appeal and request an administrative hearing to refute the suspension. If your driver’s license is suspended due to your failure to respond to the administrative suspension, you may not even be permitted to seek a hardship license.

Those who are convicted of a DUI may lose their license privileges for 120 days.  The suspension may be with or without the right to receive a hardship license. A DUI defense attorney can help you to fight for a shorter suspension period with limited driving privileges.

Georgia Hardship License

A hardship license or limited driving permit provides drivers with a suspended license in Georgia with limited driving privileges. The hardship license will allow you to drive to and from:

  • Work
  • School
  • DUI classes
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Alcohol or drug treatment programs

Hardship licenses are not available to everyone who has been arrested or convicted of a DUI. Those who need a hardship license will want to consult with a DUI defense attorney right away to start the process of seeking a limited driving permit. If granted a limited driving permit, you will need to strictly abide by its terms or you could face penalties.

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