picture of the word divorce in a dictionary from suwanee georgia Contested Divorce
When you and your spouse decide to divorce it is imperative that you hire an attorney. Most people going through the divorce process have what we call a “contested divorce.”  A contested divorce is when you and your spouse do not agree on all the issues associated with the divorce (i.e. child custody, child support, property distribution, spousal support, etc)  Going through a divorce can be the most stressful time in your life and there is a tendency to want to make decisions based on emotions.  Ms. Carter can help you through this process to keep you focused and make sure that the decisions that are made in your case are fair, appropriate and will not have a negative impact on your life or your children’s life in the long run.  Ms. Carter will work to minimize the emotional strain and cost normally associated with divorce proceedings.  When you are making life decisions, you want an attorney that you can trust with these decisions.  Ms. Carter is a caring, dedicated and strong advocate both inside and outside the courtroom.

Uncontested Divorce
Have you and your spouse worked out all your issues?  Are you and your spouse close to an arrangement and need an attorney to resolve a few outstanding issues?  Do you simply need an attorney to help you navigate through all the Court required paperwork?

Even if you and your spouse are agreeable to all of the terms of the divorce, I would encourage you to contact an attorney.  Amy Carter has helped many couples work through the logistics of an uncontested divorce.  The courts scrutinize divorce documents very closely and the last thing you want to happen is to go to court and the Judge not take your divorce because you do not have all your documents properly submitted to the court.  Although Ms. Carter can legally only represent one party, she routinely meets with both parties to prepare the appropriate paperwork and make sure the divorce is as quick and painless as possible.

Amy is a rock star!!! – She helped me navigate a divorce and child custody. Her availability and ability to help provide perspective allowed for my case to get settled quickly. – Pam, Family Law Client