Estate Planning

Unfortunately, many people put off estate planning until it is too late. All too often, loved ones are left behind to deal with sorting out their deceased relative’s estate while grieving.  So much unnecessary stress and worry could be avoided with some simple estate planning.  Whether you have a large estate including many different types of assets or a modest estate, it is never too soon to ensure that your spouse and children are taken care of and to ensure that they don’t have to deal with the added stress of handling your estate.  Let the attorneys at Carter Pilgrim guide you through the complex world of estate planning and develop an estate plan just for your.  We provide a full range of estate planning services, from drafting simple wills to complex trusts, so we know we can provide tailored advice to fit your needs.  We will walk you through the process of developing an estate planning goal and advise you on how best to structure your estate plan to minimize tax liability, maximize your estate, make legacy gifts and accomplish your goals.  As part of the overall estate planning process, we provide advice and counsel for you to make advance decisions regarding your healthcare and end-of-life treatment.  We can also assist in helping you structure charitable donations, education plans for your children and grandchildren, and other lifetime gifts to further your goals.  If you have already conducted some estate planning, we can reevaluate such plans as time progresses to ensure that your estate planning is compliant with gift and estate tax regulations and ensures that no after-acquired assets of your estate are inadvertently left out of your plan.  Finally, we offer estate representation in probate court such as probation of wills, defending caveats and will contests, and administration.

Carter Pilgrim attorneys can also help you plan for the care of a loved one with special needs.  Whether you need the appointment of a guardian or conservator to care for an elderly relative or an adult or minor child with special needs, we can help.  We provide advice, counsel, and representation in probate court matters such as the appointment or removal of guardians, conservators, and attorneys-in-fact operating by power of attorney as well as drafting special needs trusts to provide for the care of the special needs beneficiary.  Like with estate planning, we will guide you through the process of developing a plan to care for the physical, mental, emotional, medical, and financial needs of your loved one.  Let the experienced attorneys at Carter Pilgrim carefully evaluate your situation, determine the best approach, and help you put a plan into action.