Aggressive DUI Defense

A rearview mirror reflection of a cop pulling someone over for a suspected DUIPhil Pilgrim was the Senior Assistant Solicitor-General in a courtroom that prosecuted over 4000 DUI and BUI cases a year. Prosecuting cases for the State of Georgia afforded him the ability to learn the other team’s playbook and try more cases in 4 years than most attorneys in an entire career.

When working for the State, Phil would help train law enforcement officers and court personnel at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in all aspects of DUI Detection and Enforcement. Since becoming involved in the Court System, he has been instrumental in the establishment of two DUI and Drug Treatment Courts in the State. Finally, during his time as a “teacher” and practitioner, he has developed and fostered relationships with renowned experts in the field of DUI Detection and often uses them to assist his clients through investigations and expert testimony.

Hundreds of clients have given him the privilege of utilizing this experience to assist them in confronting their own legal issues involving driving under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs or prescription drugs. He has used his proven trial record and legal knowledge to help his clients avoid trial while obtaining the most favorable outcome possible but is well equipped and tenacious when all options have been explored and his client prefers to have their case tried by a jury. Phil has tried cases in a majority of the counties in North Georgia and is ready to give you the representation you not only expect but deserve.

Call our office TODAY if you have been charged with a DUI. Often, time is of the essence. Officers are required to file paperwork with the Department of Driver’s Services to suspend your license once you are charged. If you fail to file an appeal with the DDS within 30 days of your arrest, the State of Georgia can suspend your privilege to drive even before you have gone to court.