Sex Crimes


Sex crimes cases range anywhere from a peeping tom, solicitation of sex, statutory rape, child pornography, enticing a child for indecent purposes….all the way to full on child molestation and violent rape cases.

There are three things that you need to consider when you are potentially facing these types of charges: hire someone with sex crimes experience, hire a trial attorney, and hire an attorney as early as possible.                                                  picture of sex offender registry in suwanee georgia

  1. Hire an attorney with sex crimes experience! Sex crimes cases are incredibly different from any other criminal matters. Most criminal cases do not require the law enforcement agency to follow certain protocols during the investigation of the matter. However, when investigating sex crimes cases, there are certain protocols that the law enforcement agency must follow as well as the child advocacy center and any other agency that has had contact with the alleged victim. You need someone with experience in this area of law who can examine the investigation file and listen to the interview of the alleged victim and know immediately whether the State has influenced the victim and tainted the investigation. Ms. Carter was a former Special Victim’s prosecutor and focused specifically on sex-related crimes. Ms. Carter can sit down and explain to you exactly the way these investigations work and the roles of the different agencies involved.
  2. Hire a trial attorney! If you hire an attorney that is commonly known around the courthouse to plead his or her cases out left and right, the Prosecutor knows that they can push and push and push because at the end of the day the attorney will fold and not take the case to trial. You need someone who is willing to try the case if it needs to be tried and has experience trying sex crimes cases. It is very different cross-examining a little kid who is saying that someone touched them versus a patrol officer that has pulled someone over for a DUI. These are skills that Ms. Carter practiced and perfected as a prosecutor and has now carried over into her defense practice.
  3. Hire an attorney early! As soon as you are aware that there is an investigation you need to contact an experienced attorney. Ms. Carter routinely gets involved in cases during the investigation phase. She can coordinate you turning yourself in and sometimes have a bond all ready agreed upon with the District Attorney’s office. Having an attorney early can also certainly have an impact on the charges that will be included on the indictment.

Ms. Carter also understands the stress that these cases place on her client and the client’s family. Being accused of a sex crime can have a devastating impact on your life. These cases literally tear families apart because these types of charges carry such a negative stigma. Additionally, most sex crimes charges carry extremely high prison sentences and most require the client to register as a lifetime sex offender. Ms. Carter recognizes the limits these charges place on where you can live and work and does her best to work with you and your family to identify defenses and put everyone’s mind at ease regarding the case throughout the criminal process.