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When you face criminal charges of any kind, you might feel like your life has been turned upside down. Depending on your criminal charge, you could spend a year or even decades in jail. If you’re facing a DUI charge, you could experience a license suspension or revocation, making it difficult to get to and from work. Living with a criminal record can negatively affect your future employment, housing, and education opportunities, which is why you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight your charges.

At Carter/Pilgrim, our award-winning criminal defense lawyers offer assertive and experienced representation. When your freedom is at risk, you need a legal team that puts your criminal defense at the forefront. At Carter/Pilgrim, you aren’t just another client. We approach each criminal defense case on its own merits. 

Building an Effective Criminal Defense for DUI Charges

If you’re facing an arrest for a Georgia DUI, our experienced DUI trial attorneys are available to discuss your case. Carter/Pilgrim founding attorneys Amy M. Carter and Philp P. Pilgrim, Jr. are members of the National College for DUI Defense. We know what it takes to build an DUI defense. 

After meeting with you, we will gather evidence and all official paperwork from your arrest. We will review your citation, bonding paperwork, DS-1205 license suspension paperwork, and all printouts from your blood alcohol test or breathalyzer test. We will also discuss the arrest with you to find out what happened during the police stop.

After reviewing the facts of your case, we will begin to develop a compelling DUI defense strategy. We have helped thousands of clients with DUI cases, and we know how to point out errors that can lead to a dismissal or not guilty verdict. Many times, law enforcement officials violate a person’s constitutional rights by failing to read their Miranda rights or by conducting an illegal search and seizure. If you’re facing DUI charges, time is of the essence. Contact our legal team today. 

Understanding Georgia’s First Offender Act

Many of our clients are facing first-time criminal charges. First offenders may be able to take advantage of Georgia’s First Offender Program. The program offers an alternative to a criminal conviction. Those who qualify for first offender treatment in Georgia may be able to go on probation instead of receiving a criminal conviction and serving jail time. 

Defendants must meet eligibility requirements. Only first-time offenders who have not faced charges for a violent felony, a serious sexual offense, or a DUI will qualify. When our client seeks to receive sentencing under the First Offender Act, we petition the court on behalf of our client. As long as a defendant completes their sentencing requirements, they will leave without a criminal record. If you’re a first offender, contact Carter/Pilgrim to learn how we can help you through competent legal representation.

Criminal Defense for Domestic Violence Charges

Many people assume that all domestic violence charges involve constant physical and mental abuse. In reality, a small argument can quickly escalate into a domestic violence charge. Many domestic violence charges are misdemeanors, but Georgia courts take domestic violence charges extremely seriously. Defendants can face serious consequences. 

Georgia’s Domestic Violence Act regulates domestic violence charges. The law applies when the victim and the defendant are married, divorced, have a child together, or have another close family relationship. The law also applies when two people live or previously lived in the same household. 

Georgia’s domestic violence law applies to simple battery, battery, simple assault, assault, criminal trespass, stalking, criminal damage to property, or any other felony offense. At Carter/Pilgrim, we provide assertive representation for clients who are facing domestic violence charges. We also defend clients facing a family violence protection order, or a charge for violating a protection order. 

Drug Charges

At Carter/Pilgrim, we have represented many clients for misdemeanor and felony criminal drug charges. Whether you’re facing charges related to marijuana, cocaine, prescription drugs, or other controlled substances, our lawyers can help. We’ve successfully represented clients facing charges of drug possession, drug trafficking, and possession with intent to distribute. 

Our first step, when representing clients for drug charges, is to investigate the crime. We analyze how law enforcement gathered evidence and whether they met all of the requirements outlined in the constitution. In many cases, law enforcement incorrectly weighs the drugs in question, leading to an inflated drug charge. In other cases, law enforcement conducts an illegal search and seizure. Every drug charge is unique, and our legal team works hard to develop the best possible defense strategy for each client’s case.

Violent Crimes and Sex Crimes

Georgia law enforcement and prosecutors take violent crimes and sex crimes incredibly seriously. Violent crimes include assault, battery, kidnapping, child abuse, murder, hate crimes, child abuse, and gang crimes. Defendants convicted of violent crimes and sex crimes can face decades-long prison sentences.

In Georgia, sex crimes include child molestation, rape, sexual assault, possession of child pornography, sexual battery, and molestation. Defendants convicted of sex crimes will also suffer consequences from placement on Georgia’s Sex Offender Registry, including difficulty finding employment and housing. At Carter/Pilgrim, we fight hard for our clients to avoid severe punishment from violent crimes and sex crimes charges. 

White-Collar Crimes

When people hear the term “white-collar crime,” they often think of high profile cases that make the news. White-collar crimes cover a broad range of crimes that vary in severity, however. Commonly prosecuted white-collar crimes include forgery, theft, fraud, embezzlement, breach of fiduciary duty, tax evasion, and computer crimes. At Carter/Pilgrim, we have experience fighting for our clients’ rights in white-collar crime cases. 

Speak to a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Suwanee

At Carter/Pilgrim, our experienced criminal defense lawyers understand the seriousness of facing criminal charges. We take the time to listen carefully to our clients and their goals for their case. Based on our thorough investigation of the charges, we develop an effective criminal defense strategy. If you’re facing a criminal charge in North Georgia, we can help. Contact our law firm today to schedule your consultation. 

*Serving North Georgia Including Forsyth County, Gwinnett County and Hall County*