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I hired Mr. Pilgrim to represent me in a domestic violence case. His professionalism and knowledge of the law was excellent. More importantly, his personal attention to me and my case was genuine and personable. It was very obvious the he has considerable experience in his field of work. I was very pleased with the result in my case and would highly recommend Mr. Pilgrim.

- A Domestic Violence Client

Amy did a great job negotiating the legal system for me. Even though I was innocent, it was a long battle persuading the DA regarding the details of the case without going to court. Through her persistence, I was Nol Prossed. I feel she was the most knowledgeable about the law in my situation due to her experience in the field.

- Jon, a Criminal Defense client

Amy is a rock star!!! - She helped me navigate a divorce and child custody. Her availability and ability to help provide perspective allowed for my case to get settled quickly.

- Pam, a Divorce client

Over the past 13 months, I faced the realization that my freedom and livelihood was in jeopardy. I was accused of some things that could have put me away for some time. Although my career has been slightly altered, my freedom still exists and my life has been forever redeemed. I owe everything I have to Amy Carter. If not for her I honestly don't know where I'd be right now. She was extremely thorough and deeply concerned in the work she did in helping restore my life. Thanks so much.

- Adam, a Criminal Defense client

Amy defended our son. We are grateful for her knowledge and prior experience as a prosecutor in his case. She has been gracious and courteous to us in informing us of what may happen during the process, and kept in touch with us to the best of her abilities. Thank you Amy.

- Michael, a Child Abuse client

Who ever needs a great Lawyer. Philip Pilgrim is the man for you. He's a man with integrity morals and works hard to get the right result. I am completely satisfied with the services as well as his team they worked hard to make sure I kept my livelihood My job My license and out of the system. God willing I will never have to see Phil in that same situation again but if I do need another lawyer he's the one I will call. The best service I have ever had

- Tonna, a DUI client

I was arrested for a DUI/open container in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant while waiting for my food which was taking longer than usual to arrive. The food did not arrive, the police did. I was subjected to immediate guilt in their eyes because of their opinion, not facts. This is what I learned about "the law" with my experience with Phil Pilgrim. We, as lay people, including the Jury, need to be educated in the complete aspects of the law. Mr, Pilgrim has the skilled knowledge of the law needed to defend any client. He is professional, prepared, and articulate in explaining everything to a client, Judge and Jury. Using life time experiences to explain what would be considered complicated information, by keeping it simple and short, he connects with clients and jurors. The Client is asked to participate in all aspects of the Court proceedings, your input is of importance to Phil. He understands your position and opinion, but is clear and concise about the decisions you have to make. Phil Pilgrim was my best asset in my situation and I was granted the best outcome by a Jury of my peers.

- Joanne, a DUI client

Phil Pilgrim has handled both a speeding ticket and a drug possession charge for my son. During his interview with both of us, Phil actively listened to my son's side of the case and brought to attention possible outcomes for the behavior. Because of his knowledge of the local court systems, Phil suggested some community service time or a defensive driving class be completed before our scheduled court date. In court, Phil was on time and spoke to the court officials on our behalf. The proactive approached enabled my son to complete actions the court would have ordered before the court date. My son was able to show his 'best side' and his willingness to change future behaviors through these actions. We believe this approach helped Phil negotiate the best outcome for my son. During our experiences, Phil has always been very professional. He was always available to answer questions or talk about the situation. We will not hesitate to call Phil again with any legal problem and have referred him to several friends.

- State & Local Law client

Phil helped me out a great deal when I was arrested for a DUI while I was still on felony first offender probation. My probation officer put me in jail for 30 days but Phil was able to get me out on a probation bond so I did not have to sit in jail any longer. He made it where I was able to keep my first offenders and my probation not get revoked.

I was looking at a possibility of going to prison for 4 or 5 years and instead he had my DUI dropped to a reckless driving charge where I could keep my license and instead of prison I got 3 years of probation and DUI court.
Phil saved my butt and I would highly recommend him. He is a great lawyer and earned every bit of money I paid him!

- DUI client

Amy has been working on a Temporary Order for me that is currently through another circuit. My ex-husband and I have been divorced since 2006, and he had custody until May 2012. A sudden chain of events resulted in the Temporary Order for my two children, then ages 15 and 10, to move 2.5 hours away to live with me. There were some significant events, in which law enforcement had become involved, that has made my children very introverted with the situation, and feeling very bad about talking about any of the events for fear of "hurting dad's feelings" or "making dad mad." She has been amazing with my children, talking with them, establishing a trust so that they, for the first time, were comfortable enough to tell her about their experiences and document them for affidavits. Amy has coordinated the case through the other circuit with ease from my perspective, and kept me informed the whole way through. Amy goes out of her way to be accommodating to our needs, and is very prudent with charging the retainer fee when interacting with me. She is very personable to work with and I soon discovered that she is every bit capable of handling my case. She didn't mince words when handling your case, and we were able to reach an agreement much sooner than expected during mediation. I have been very happy with the results in working with Amy to resolve my children's concerns with spending time with their dad. Amy has instilled trust with my children and myself to work out resolution that is best for everyone, and really listens to our needs and concerns. Amy responds to phone calls or emails in a timely manner. I am very happy to continue working with Amy and recommend her to anyone who needs an attorney who can work really well with your children in a difficult situation with a parent.

- Traci, a Child Custody client

I hired Mrs. Carter, with the law offices of Epps and Pilgram, to help me handle a child support matter. I went through two lawyers before finding Mrs. Carter and nothing was being done to help my case. She got us back in the courtroom and made things happen. She is smart, aggressive, and professional. I am thankful for all that she has done to help my case move in the right direction. I have recommended her for a divorce and would strongly recommend her to anyone.

- Tabitha, a Child Support client

Amy handled my divorce very recently. I didn't think I could afford an attorney. My sister had been through a divorce a few years ago and it nearly bankrupted my mom. I contacted several different attorneys and the more attorneys I met with the more discouraged I became. Then I met Amy. She took the time to sit down with me and go over all the details and information I had brought with me. I had thought that if anything I would walk out with some good advice, but a miracle happened. She offered to work with me on the fee. I was shocked and amazed. I have never met another attorney like her. She works hard for you and really listens to you. She always gets back to you fast. I didn't have to wait days to hear back from her. Even though my ex-husband somehow managed to drag the case out for far longer than it should have been, Amy stuck with me. I am truly thankful for Amy. If it hadn't been for her I might still be married, and that is a truly scary thought.

- Kate, a Divorce client

I would really like to thank Ms. Carter for all her help in solving my legal issues. She was very professional, extremely knowledgable about the area of law, and she fought with all conviction for me. Thank you!! I would recommend her and the firm for any issue.

- James, a Divorce client

Amy always treated my family with respect and made sure we understood what the outcome could be. {No lies} She keeps you up dated on whats going on,everyone at the firm is nice and honest I was extremely satisfied. I just want you to know how thankful we are for all you have done for us. Your knowledge and professionalism while handling our case will forever be appreciated and respected. GOD BLESS YOU! I hope your life journey is beyond what you expect because it can't come close to what you deserve. Thank you! Thank you!

- Lisa Ann, a Criminal Defense client

Mrs. Carter assisted with my divorce. I can only describe her as "The Pitbull" of the office. Mrs. Carter clearly had the best interests of my kids in mind when she was negotiating with my ex-wife. She helped reach a great settlement for me where I can see my kids almost at will. Thank you much!

- a Divorce client

I was 18 years old falsely accused of some nasty things! when the state had no faith Amy Carter Had faith in justice and it was well served and she made sure it! Thanks So much Mrs. Carter!

- Daniel, a Criminal Defense client

Phil was very pleasant to work with. He did not cut me off when I was describing my situation, he treated my issue as a priority, and his advice was fast and substantiated with legal reference. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services to any of my friends.

- a Licensing client

First and foremost, Phil and his team exceeded every attorney expectation I had.

In the beginning Phil and Amy listened well, made some positive observations and suggested reasonable expectations that included the potential of going to trial.

The waiting in the middle is absolutely mind-boggling. So much for a person’s speedy right to due process in Gwinnett County. Nevertheless, occasionally when the fear of the unknown crept back into my psyche and I couldn’t resist calling in for an update, Phil's team never missed a beat and always returned my phone calls or texts in a reasonable time frame if not immediately. Sometimes it was just to say “no news” and other times it was to offer an update. But I was never ignored, and often Phil returned my inquiries personally and I greatly appreciated that.

Finally, when my first court appearance was posted, and when my anxiety level was rocketing thru the roof, it became crystal clear that Phil's team had actually been doing tons of lawyer stuff behind the scenes and were very well prepared for my case. So much so that in the end the DA was backed into a corner they couldn’t fight out of and ultimately were forced to dismiss my charges. And boy what a relief that moment was!

I have tons of gratitude for all of the services his team provided, both known and unknown and I, without hesitation, refer Phil for a job well done.

- Tom M, a Criminal Defense client

I was in a world of trouble and sought out this firm because I needed an advocate working FOR me instead of the type of lawer that I had recently fired because she took advantage of me, my ability to pay, and my predicament, seemingly for her own self interests. Mr. Pilgrim and his entire firm rallied around me. I dealt with and was represented by 3 of the firm's attorneys during the course of my case. All three were well-informed of the details of my case and represented me in court as promised, and as retained. There was also a separate issue that spawned from my case (related to probation pleading) that ordinarily would have been an extra charge, but the firm represented me for no extra charge. The primary reason I chose Mr. Pilgrim, specifically, was because of his previous experience as a prosecutor. The intrinsic value of this key attribute was, and is, an advantage that potential clients - especially those charged with a criminal offense - should weigh.

- John, a Criminal Defense client

Philip works very hard on your behalf. He kept us informed and moved forward with each issue we faced. I do not make recommendations lightly, but I made this recommendation without reservation. If you need an attorney who listens and performs, Mr. Pilgrim is the man for the job! He came highly recommended and we were not disappointed.

- Lucy, a Criminal Defense client

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