Common Reasons for Divorce

Approximately half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. And although every divorce is unique, most divorces are the result of one of a few common occurrences. Below are some common reasons for divorce in Georgia. For information on obtaining a divorce in Georgia, please contact a Georgia divorce attorney

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a big problem in the United States, and it’s a big contributor to the country’s high divorce rate. Substance abuse can cause a spouse to behave erratically, fail to fulfill his or her obligations, and place members of the household in danger. When a spouse refuses to get help for his or her substance abuse issues or becomes a threat to the other members of the household, divorce is often the only feasible option.  

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse, whether physical or mental, should never be tolerated by a spouse. Often, the best way to save oneself from domestic abuse is divorce. However, separating from an abusive spouse can be difficult—and dangerous—so it’s important to ensure that the separation is achieved safely with the help of a Georgia divorce attorney or other domestic abuse professional.


Most spouses view infidelity as the ultimate betrayal. Cheating involves lying, and a spouse who routinely lies to his or her partner can’t be trusted. In fact, earning back a partner’s trust after cheating is nearly impossible. Therefore, it’s no surprise that most instances of infidelity end in divorce. 

Money Problems

When a couple’s finances are in order, they are often able to overlook other problems in the marriage. However, when money problems arise, many couples find it impossible to continue. To put it simply, money issues are stressful, and this kind of stress is often more than a marriage can handle. There are several types of money problems that can arise in a marriage, including: 

  • Overspending,
  • Job loss,
  • Disagreements about saving, 
  • Disagreement about investing, and
  • The accumulation of debt by one or both spouses.

Poor Communication

A marriage is a team, and good teams communicate. In fact, good communication is a hallmark of a strong marriage. On the other hand, poor communication in a marriage can quickly cause it to fall apart. Married couples who yell at one another and fail to communicate about important issues usually don’t remain married for long.  

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