Can Dating Affect Child Custody in Georgia?

If you are a parent going through a divorce, you should think twice before you start dating. Although it may be tempting to begin your search for a new partner, you should consider the potential impact it might have on child custody. Below are the ways that dating can affect child custody in Georgia. 

Dating Can Complicate Things

When you begin dating someone before your divorce is final, the court must consider the effect of this individual’s presence in the lives of your children. The outcome of this analysis can affect the court’s child custody decision, and there is a chance that it may not be in your favor. 

Dating Can Impact Your Kids

Any time you bring someone new into your children’s lives, they are impacted. Of course, this impact can be either positive or negative. Courts understand this. Therefore, as noted above, if you decide to date before your divorce is final, the court will examine the impact of this new person on your children. If the court determines that your new partner will have a negative impact on your kids, it will act accordingly. 

Dating Can Affect Co-parenting

If the new person in your life has a negative effect on your ability to co-parent with your ex-spouse, the court will consider this when making a custody decision in your case. The court must make decisions that are in the best interests of your children, so it will err on the side of caution if it determines that your new partner is interfering with your children’s relationship with your ex.   

Other Ways Dating Can Affect Your Divorce

In addition to child custody issues, dating can have an effect on your overall divorce case. If you begin dating before your divorce is final, it can be problematic for your case. Courts sometimes frown upon the involvement of outside parties, such as new boyfriends or girlfriends, in divorce cases. If you plan on getting a divorce in Georgia, you should keep in mind what’s important—the safety and happiness of your children. If this means foregoing dating for a few months until your kids have had an opportunity to adjust to the divorce, you should strongly consider doing so. Ultimately, if you’re considering dating during your divorce, you should carefully consider the impact that your new relationship may have on the court’s decisions regarding your relationship with your children. 

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