man taking field sobriety test

Are Field Sobriety Tests Accurate?

Field sobriety tests are a method used by law enforcement officers to help determine whether a driver is intoxicated. Unfortunately, however, they aren’t always accurate. Therefore, if you are a Georgia driver, it’s important that you understand what field sobriety tests are and why they can be problematic for sober drivers. Below is an overview […]

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mother explaining child custody to daughter

Common Child Custody and Support Misconceptions

Child custody and child support are complicated issues. Therefore, it’s no surprise that people tend to have misconceptions about these topics. People who rely on friends and family for information on child custody and child support often do so to their detriment. Even people who have gone through the divorce process are often confused about […]

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woman with unborn baby

Child Custody for Unwed Fathers of Unborn Children

In Georgia child custody cases, both parents are treated equally by the courts. In other words, courts don’t automatically favor mothers over fathers in child custody matters. However, when the parents of an unborn child are unmarried, things are different. When an unborn child’s father isn’t married to the expectant mother, the father must take […]

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interrogation room

Should I Talk to the Police in Georgia?

People often mistakenly believe that speaking with the police after an arrest can help them. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Following an arrest in Georgia, you should always keep quiet. To put it simply, talking to the police about the crime with which you’ve been accused can do nothing but hurt you. Below […]

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Mother and child

When to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer in Georgia

If you’re facing a child custody issue in Georgia, you probably have lots of questions. A common decision faced by parents in Georgia is whether to hire a child custody lawyer to assist with legal issues involving child custody. Although many people would prefer to work things out without an attorney, most child custody issues […]

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Sad woman dealing with domestic abuse

The Impact of Domestic Abuse on Divorce in Georgia

If you are considering getting a divorce in Georgia, you should be aware of the effects that allegations of domestic abuse can have on the proceedings. In Georgia, domestic abuse occurs when a person exerts control and power over another person, whether emotional, physical, sexual, or psychological. Domestic abuse can occur among any of the […]

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Medical marijuana capsules

The Legality of Medical Marijuana in Georgia

There is much confusion regarding the legality of medical marijuana in Georgia. In fact, cases abound of marijuana users facing criminal prosecution based on a misunderstanding of state laws regarding medical marijuana. Therefore, it is imperative that all Georgia residents understand the state’s medical marijuana laws in order to avoid inadvertently breaking the law. Below […]

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Man buying drugs on the street.

Common Georgia Drug Possession Defenses

If you’ve been charged with drug possession in Georgia, there are several common defenses available that may be relevant to your case. And this applies even if you believe you’re guilty of the crime with which you’ve been charged. However, without the assistance of an experienced Georgia criminal defense attorney, it can be difficult to […]

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Father reading to his son.

What Are My Rights as a Divorcing Father in Georgia?

If you’re a father who is going through a Georgia divorce, it’s imperative that you do everything you can to protect your relationship with your children. One way to do so is to familiarize yourself with your rights as a divorcing father. Without a solid understanding of your legal rights as a father, the likelihood […]

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