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How a DUI can affect your license/privilege to drive

            As an attorney who specializes in the practice of DUI Defense, I often get the question: “What happens to my driver’s license if I am convicted of a DUI?”  The reality is there is no quick and fast answer to that question.  Many factors come into play...

What if I am stopped for a DUI?

Being an attorney that has a practice heavily focused on DUI defense, I am often asked in social settings: “What should I do if I am stopped and investigated for DUI.”   The answers people get to these questions from defense attorneys vary greatly.  My first...

Charged with a drug offense?

Being charged with a drug offense involves many different types of repercussions that most people are not aware of.  If you are charged with a drug offense, that means you are charged with a Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act (VGCSA).  Being charged...

What are Standardized Field Sobriety Tests? (Part 1)

You may have watched the videos on YouTube, you may have heard about it from your friends, and some of you have been exposed to them personally; but, if you ever become the target of a DUI investigation, you will likely be exposed to what are called Standardized Field...

The HGN Evaluation: How it works and how it doesn’t (Part 2)

The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) Evaluation is the first of the three standardized field sobriety evaluations discussed in the first blog of this series.  It is generally regarded as the most accurate and effective evaluation so long as it is done by a qualified,...

Non-Standardized evaluations used by Standard Officers. (Part 4)

In Part 4 of our Field Sobriety Posts, we discuss other evaluations that DUI suspects may be subjected to during an investigation.  These evaluations are not standardized or approved through NHTSA and generally are only as effective as the officer is at conveying...

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