couple on a date

Can Dating Affect Child Custody in Georgia?

If you are a parent going through a divorce, you should think twice before you start dating. Although it may be tempting to begin your search for a new partner, you should consider the potential impact it might have on child custody. Below are the ways that dating can affect child custody in Georgia.  Dating […]

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prescription drug

Can You Get a DUI for Prescription Drug Use?

Most people associate DUI arrests with alcohol or illegal drugs. However, these aren’t the only substances that can result in a DUI arrest. In fact, an officer can arrest a driver for operating a vehicle while under the influence of prescription drugs.  Prescription Drugs and Driving It is not illegal to take prescription medication and […]

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accident scene

Is It Illegal to Leave the Scene of an Accident in Georgia?

If you leave the scene of an accident in Georgia, the consequences can be significant. In fact, in some situations, leaving the scene of an accident can result in jail time. Therefore, as a driver in Georgia, it’s important that you understand the consequences of leaving the scene of an accident. Below is an overview […]

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split house, child custody

The Impact of Drug Use on Child Custody in Georgia

Allegations of drug use in a Georgia child custody case can complicate an already difficult situation. Although some states have loosened their prohibitions on drugs like marijuana, drug use allegations can have a big impact on the way courts make child custody decisions in Georgia. Below is an overview of the impact drug use can […]

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woman sat a traffic stop

What NOT to Do When Stopped by the Police in Georgia

Let’s face it—getting stopped by the police is never a pleasant experience. Fear, anxiousness, confusion, and anger are common emotions experienced by drivers during traffic stops. However, if you’re stopped by the police, you can’t allow your emotions to get the better of you—this can only make things worse. In order to avoid incriminating yourself, […]

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woman signing divorce papers

Common Reasons for Divorce

Approximately half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. And although every divorce is unique, most divorces are the result of one of a few common occurrences. Below are some common reasons for divorce in Georgia. For information on obtaining a divorce in Georgia, please contact a Georgia divorce attorney.  Substance Abuse […]

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DUI stop

Common Mistakes Georgia Police Make During DUI Stops

Police officers are eager to get drunk drivers off the street. However, in their eagerness to curb drunk driving, police officers sometimes make mistakes. Any time a police officer fails to follow the law during a DUI stop, the arrested driver may challenge the DUI charge. Below are some of the most common mistakes Georgia […]

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divorced man on a date

Is It Okay to Date During a Divorce?

People facing divorce are often anxious to begin dating—sometimes before the divorce is even final. After all, the divorce process can be stressful, and people often believe that a new relationship will help heal their pain. But is this a good idea? In most cases, the answer to this question is a resounding “no.” It’s […]

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cop car pulling over someone for DUI

What Should I Do if I’m Stopped for DUI?

There are few things scarier than being stopped by a police officer on suspicion of DUI. For most people, this kind of police interaction is a nerve-wracking and unwelcome experience. However, if you’re ever pulled over on suspicion of DUI, the last thing you want to do is make things worse for yourself. Below are […]

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man taking field sobriety test

Are Field Sobriety Tests Accurate?

Field sobriety tests are a method used by law enforcement officers to help determine whether a driver is intoxicated. Unfortunately, however, they aren’t always accurate. Therefore, if you are a Georgia driver, it’s important that you understand what field sobriety tests are and why they can be problematic for sober drivers. Below is an overview […]

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