An Overview of Georgia’s DUI Penalties for Habitual Violators

Georgia takes drinking and driving seriously. If you’ve been charged with a DUI in Georgia, you face stiff penalties—especially if you have previous convictions on your record. Therefore, it’s in your best interests to contact a Georgia criminal defense attorney as soon as possible for assistance. If you fail to adequately defend your charges, you could face the penalties discussed below.  

What is a habitual violator?

In order to be considered a habitual DUI violator, a person must be convicted of three DUI offenses within a five-year period. If nothing else happens, the person who committed the first three offenses will not be found to have committed an additional crime. However, if a person receives an additional DUI after being declared a habitual violator, the penalties can be severe. 

DUI Penalties in Georgia 

If you are caught driving with a blood alcohol content (“BAC”) of 0.08% or higher as a habitual violator, you could face severe penalties. A DUI conviction in Georgia for a habitual offender can result in:

  • Up to five years in prison
  • A fine of up to $5,000
  • 30 days of community service 
  • Attendance at DUI school
  • Clinical evaluation and treatment 
  • License plate surrender
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device 
  • Lifelong status as a convicted felon

Common DUI Defenses

If you are a habitual violator, and you’ve been charged with a DUI, it’s imperative that you hire a Georgia criminal defense attorney to help you fight your charges. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may have several defenses available, including: 

Improper stop by police: The police must follow strict guidelines when making DUI traffic stops. When the police’s failure to follow these guidelines results in an arrest, the court will dismiss any charges resulting from the improper stop. 

Failure to follow field sobriety test protocols: The police administer field sobriety tests to help determine if a person is intoxicated. The failure by the police to administer these tests properly can result in a driver’s charges being dropped.

Medical conditions: Some people have medical conditions that can make them appear intoxicated. In addition, some medical conditions can even lead to a failed breathalyzer test. If a driver’s DUI arrest is due to an underlying medical condition, a Georgia criminal defense attorney can have the case thrown out. 

Contact a Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney 

If you’re facing a DUI charge in Georgia, you need a Georgia criminal defense attorney in your corner. When you contact Carter Pilgrim, our Georgia DUI attorneys will analyze the facts of your case to determine the most effective legal strategy possible. We have a strong reputation in Georgia for aggressively defending our clients in the courtroom and obtaining favorable results during negotiations. So, if you’re facing a DUI charge in Georgia, please contact us immediately to schedule an initial consultation.  

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