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Carter/Pilgrim, Attorneys at Law is a full-service law firm. Located in Suwanee, we serve clients throughout North Georgia, offering each the personal attention they deserve. Providing our clients with first-rate comprehensive services, we have a history of success and a well-earned reputation for legal acumen.

Our experienced and honest attorneys, Amy Carter and Phil Pilgrim, have extensive, in-depth knowledge of the law, yet approach each case with fresh eyes. We make sure to keep up to date regarding any changes in federal, state, and local law so we are always at the top of our game when it comes to providing you with excellent legal representation. We never rush you off, giving you plenty of time to discuss your circumstances with us so we will understand your point of view and respond accordingly. One of the reasons Carter/Pilgrim is such a sought-after law firm is that each of our attorneys has an area of special focus.

Whether you come to us seeking assistance with commercial or civil litigation, estate planning, or the turbulent issues surrounding family law, DUI and criminal defense, you can put your trust in us. We have the legal talent and empathy to make you feel both comfortable and well-protected.

Phil Pilgrim’s focuses his practice on general criminal defense and DUI Defense.

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He has represented clients charged with crimes as serious as murder and as incidental as a simple traffic ticket. A major focus of his practice is in the area of defending those charged with Driving Under the Influence. Having trained law enforcement officers and court personnel in all aspects of DUI Detection and Enforcement, he comes to the arena of DUI defense with keen insight into precisely how prosecution of DUI cases works. Understanding DUI detection and prosecutorial techniques gives him a great advantage in defending alleged DUI offenders as well as a history of successful outcomes.

Carter/Pilgrim is able to offer comprehensive legal representation because each of our attorneys has a passion for a particular area of the law. Ms. Carter has extensive experience in family law cases, covering not only divorce and child custody matters but criminal defense of sex offenses. Her sense of compassion enables her to guide clients through turbulent times in their lives.

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Meet Our Team

We take pride in our ability to approach each case on its own merits. Our various specialties and differing perspectives prompt the creation of innovative techniques. Because we work well as a team in an environment of mutual respect and warm interactions, we are able to respond efficiently and effectively to our clients. When you come to us for resolution of your legal problems, you will find us welcoming, supportive, and responsive. Don’t forget, however, that we are sharp and tenatious.

Once we confront your adversary, whether that adversary is an insurance company, a business, competitor, a spouse, or a prosecutor, they become OUR adversary and you will see how well-honed our negotiation and litigation skills are. Each member of our team is a powerful opponent, in and out of the courtroom.

Amy M. Carter

Domestic & Family Law
Special Victims Cases and Sex Crimes

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Phil P. Pilgrim, Jr.

Criminal Defense & DUI / DWI

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Carter/Pilgrim assists clients on a broad range of legal matters, including DUI, criminal defense, family law, domestic violence, and civil litigation. Our attorneys always presume your innocence of criminal charges and fight effectively for your rights in matters of civil litigation. When it comes to family law, we are focused not only on your best interests, but on the interests of your family as a whole as well. Our attorneys have the experience and sharp skills to win your case through negotiation or in a court of law.

Because helping you is our top priority, we feel that we have an obligation to understand your situation from your point of view, as well as to answer your questions and to clarify confusing legal issues. We know how important clear communication is in the attorney-client relationship.

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Criminal Defense and DUI

Because of Phil Pilgrim’s widespread experience with prosecutorial tactics, he is a mindful criminal defense attorney with well-developed strategic legal defense moves based on what he learned while playing on the other side of the court. He is adept at defending clients against burglary, sex crimes, violent crimes, vehicular homicide, white collar crimes, arson, aggravated assault, drug trafficking, and other felonies. Phil is particularly well-known as a vigorous courtroom defense attorney against DUI charges, whether they involve alcohol or drug impairment. He is a well-respected trial attorney with countless successful outcomes under his belt. Well-aware of the potentially harsh consequences of convictions which, depending on the severity of the crime, range from costly fines to long-term incarceration or even the death penalty, he will fight with every fiber of his being for your freedom and your civil rights.

Family Law and Domestic Violence

Family law covers a larger territory than most people realize, including not only divorce per se, but all associated matters, such as the distribution of assets, child support, child custody, spousal support (alimony), visitation and paternity. When the separating spouses are behaving amicably mediation can be a positive way forward. Ms. Carter is one of the few attorneys in North Georgia that has been invited into the exclusive Amicable Divorce Network. Resolving your domestic issue in this fashion is always the preferred path for all parties involved. However, at the other end of the spectrum, however, family violence is also part of family law, which can require obtaining protective orders to maintain family safety. Some of these more contentious cases, particularly those involving ongoing abuse, are cases in which the Department of Family Services has been involved. Amy Carter has the broad knowledge of family law to support you through legal challenges to your family’s stability and health and the steadfast emotional strength to support you during what may be the most emotionally wrenching period of your life.

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Civil Litigation

Carter/Pilgrim’s attorneys are skilled to handle all civil litigation matters, from breach of contract to securities fraud to tortious interference with contracts and business relations.  Our attorneys have successfully prosecuted civil litigation claims and obtained sizeable verdicts and judgments for our clients. We have also successfully defended our clients in high-stakes litigation. Whether you have been sued or are thinking of bringing claims against someone else, the attorneys at Carter/Pilgrim have the experience to get you results.

We Will Level the Playing Field

Whatever type of legal difficulty you find yourself in, the dedicated attorneys at Carter/Pilgrim are available to offer you responsible legal assistance. We are sensitive to how overwhelmed you may feel when it seems that the full weight of the legal justice system is moving against you, but you can trust us to protect and defend you. Our highly capable attorneys offer you a wide variety of areas of proficiency. You will receive a free initial consultation, counting on the fact that once you meet with us and become aware of the outstanding service we provide, you will want our relationship to continue.

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